Monday, March 20, 2017

Charles Gerard's Regiment of Foote

My apologies for the delay - as these have been ready for some time.. been a mite busy painting bigger things [clicky]

First of the units for the English Civil War project - these are Charles Gerard's Regiment of Foote

According to my research they were originally raised - probably in early 1642 - as part of the Earl of Derby’s forces in Lancashire, where they were present at the siege of Manchester in September, and at Edgehill (which is the the basis for this project) in October.

Deployed for receiving horse - hedgehog...

At Edgehill (where they numbered approximately 740) they were part of Charles Gerard's Brigade (along with Sir Lewis Dyve's and Sir Ralph Dutton's regiments) which were positioned on the front right of the Royalist deployment...

Picture courtesy Google Books

By all accounts they did sterling service anchoring the Royalist line at a time of most need

In November they were present at Turnham Green, before going into winter quarters as part of the Oxford garrison at the end of the year.

Tumbling Dice figures - 18 of them... 

On to Parliament next - one of Charles Essex's Brigade, I think (so Sir Charles Essex's regiment/Sir Henry Cholmley's regiment/Lord Mandeville's regiment or Lord Wharton's regiment)

More details here:

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

1:1 scale English Civil War...

Spotted this on eBay..  all I need is a little help from Ernie, and the job's a good'un .. 

17th Century pikeman's armour - original not a copy..

If I have it right, there should still be time to get a bid in for a few days...  stunning!  Items details here [clicky]

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Arab dhow complete...

So just over a year after I first started the build [clicky] the Arab dhow is complete.. I suspect they don't take a long as that to build a real one... 

Quite pleased though..  I really couldn't justify spending the cash for a proper one and this was fun to make..

Masts are a bamboo barbecue skewer, and a plant pot support from some pot plant the current Mrs Steve the Wargamer got for Christmas, and which had now handily died..  sail is printer paper, drew the pencil lines on, then painted with Windsor and Newton Chestnut ink...

Hull and masts spray coated black, and then successive coats of mud brown in lighter and lighter shades..  the deck cargo came from one of my spares pots..

The intent with the crew (who are Peter Pig 15mm)is that the two bases will form one whole unit for the rules I use when they come storming ashore, commando-like, as a raiding party.. somewhere in the Sudan, on the Nile just above the third cataract, an Arab dhow with it's crew of Dervish has nosed aground and sent a raiding party to the nearest village for supplies...

Friday, February 24, 2017

ECW eye candy and the knotty question of depth...

Recent posts have discussed the question of basing, and numbers of figures per base for my burgeoning* ECW project..  and some very enjoyably commentary and banter ensued..  but whilst doing my usual browse of the interweb this lunchtime I saw these on the hugely talented Iron Mitten's blog page [clicky]..

Copyright Iron Mitten

I'm not going to do it, for all the reasons previously described, but isn't that a cracking looking unit and how fine does three ranks look!? They are by the way - the Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Foote

Copyright Iron Mitten way of a contrast here they are in their previous basing incarnation...  still stupendous - so the decision to go with two ranks is still safe...  in this case two ranks of two...  but nonetheless...  he did have one handy little tip though which is to add an extra pikeman to the pike bases just to give a really crammed, dense, effect..  brilliant... 

Copyright Iron Mitten

* burgeoning it is, as well, since the first regiment in my project await paint even as we speak, having gone through, and now completed, the entirely hideous process of gluing on heads and pikes - if I wanted to make models I'd buy an Airfix kit for Heaven's sake... they have been spray painted - none of the aforementioned heads or pikes fell off - hopefully I'll have some time to start this weekend..

Thursday, February 23, 2017


...just read this and gave it a 9/10.. even better value at the daily deal price! 

Fill yer boots [clicky]...